We have big plans for the future.

Our vision is this: create a lifestyle company that always helps and never hurts.

This means that we will never utilize sweatshops or products that are made at the expense of others.  We started with a simple jewelry line.  The founders of this company are taking no profits on sales at this time.  All proceeds benefit women we employ and are also directed at expanding our product line.  As we grow, we are adding more products, including products made by women in need from various countries.  We plan to soon feature products made by refugees, and eventually, a full sweatshop-free clothing line for people who love the outdoors.

You can help us reach this goal by purchasing our products, but also by donating here.  100% of funds donated will be used to expand into the next phase of our plan, a sweatshop-free clothing line.  Expanding this far will enable us to grow our influence and the number of women we can help. Thank you.

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